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Higher cost performance, better compatibility
Longer service life, lower failure rate



Design and development

The design and development team used Autocad and Soldworks in conjunction with the simulation finite element analysis technique to analyze the most efficient cylinders.
Our team can provide a 3D model to communicate with you and discuss the best solution for your application.

Test improvement

The open samples were entered into the laboratory for testing, and practical data were obtained.
The open team will get the best solution based on the experimental data and your new round of discussion fine-tuning.

Production and manufacture

According to the best scheme suitable for your application, advanced and high-precision production inspection equipment will bring you stable and reliable products.
Raw material inspection and treatment - modulation heat treatment - surface induction quenching - surface electroplating - piston rod finishing - dust-free constant temperature assembly - finished product inspection.

Sales service

The company has a solid quality assurance system, successfully passed the ISO 9001 2000 quality system certification in September 2006, products with reliable quality and advanced technology reputation at home and abroad market.